Free quotes given on request.

Memorial prices

The cost of a lawn memorial can range from £500 to £5000 depending on availability, size, designs and lettering.

Smaller desktop memorials with inscriptions can vary from £250 to £650.

Vase memorials with flower pots are available from £75.

Flower pots are available at £6-£8 each.

Inscriptions start at £2.50 to £5.00 per letter depending on style of lettering (paint, gold, silver)

All costs are subject to VAT.

Local Authority costs

Each local authority have different costs for permission and foundation dues.  These are invoiced to us and this cost is then passed on to you.  These charges change annually. 

Fife Council  charges for 2020/2021 are as follows:-

Permission charge to erect a memorial only – £105

Permission and foundation charge to erect a memorial – £323

No VAT applicable for these charges

Permission timescales vary from council to council but with Fife Council there is a 3 month settling period after the burial before we are able to erect the memorial.  We lodge an application on your behalf and the Council instruct the ground to be prepared and thereafter alert us when ready.