As well as lawn memorials we also supply and provide other memorials such as:-

Vase flower holder memorials

These are typically 6” x 6” and have a hole for a flower pot to be placed in the front or side of the memorial.  This can be inscribed as desired.  They come in all colours to match the lawn memorials.

Desktop/ Marker Memorials/ Wedges/ Books

These can be placed beside or to the front of a memorial to honour a family member.  These are supplied in an array of colours and shapes and can be inscribed in any way.  These wedges can also have a flower hole inserted to suit/ on request.  We have many on display and a few are as our gallery.

Smaller/ Childrens’s memorials:-

We have an array of smaller memorials and hearts, teddy styles, angel styles to suit the passing of a young loved one.  These can incorporate designs and wording to suit and to build a picture of a life. 

Boulder memorials

Boulder memorial shapes are also an option for a more alternative memorial and can come in various colours with a polished front for inscribing.